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What welding water Coolant is best for my welding water Cooler?
Welding water coolers perform a very critical function in a welding system. These coolers cool power cables, torches, and may cool the welding power supply. It is important the correct water coolant be used in these sytems to keep them performing at peak efficiency and to prevent costly downtime.
Special welding coolants provide the best performance for welding systems. We sell the Dynaflux brand coolants, and they offer mixtures that provide pump lubrication but will not clog torches or cause any electrical problems with the power supplies or plasma cutting and welding systems. These coolants will also protect your system from freezing, if the cooler is exposed to cold climates.
Dynflux Defense 929 will protect your welding equipment down to -30 degress F. Dynaflux Defense RTU will protect your welding equipment down to 10 degrees F. Both solutions come in indivual gallons or cases of 6 gallons ready to use.
Dynflux Pre-mixed Torch CoolantDynaflux 929 Torch Coolant
Automotive Anti-Freeze (of any type) should not be used in Welding water coolers. Automotive anti-freeze contains mixtures of additives to prevent rust and oxidation of various types of metals present in an automotive coolant system (aluminum, iron, brass, copper, zinc-plated iron, etc). These additives may clog a welding torch and cause the torch to be shorted out as the coolant may become electrically conductive.
The bottom line...Do not use any automotive anti-freeze in a welding water cooler.
Pure water may not be the best coolant either. Pure distilled or de-ionized water can be used in most welding water coolers, but water cooler pump life may be shortened due to the lack of the lubrication welding coolant mixes provide to the pump.
Also don't forget the Torchsaver water filter to keep the swamp out of your water cooler.